Unit Citations Determination

I, William George Hayden, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, having received the approval of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the designs of the Unit Citation for Gallantry and the Meritorious Unit Citation, and acting under regulations 4 and 5 of the Unit Citation Regulations, determine as follows:

31 October 1991

The Distinguished Service Cross
1 The Distinguished Service Cross is a modified Maltese Cross of nickel-silver ensigned with the Crown of Saint Edward in nickel-silver. Each axis of the Cross measures 41 millimetres. The Cross is surmounted by a plain nickel-silver suspender bar. The obverse of the medal bears a central device of the Federation Star superimposed on a disc of flames. The reverse bears as the central device a horizontal panel 29 millimetres across and 8 millimetres high to allow for engraving of the recipient's name. The central panel is superimposed on a plain background.
A The Unit Citation for Gallantry
  The Unit Citation for Gallantry can be found in the Gallantry Decorations booklet.
B The Meritorious Unit Citation
Award of Meritorios Unit Citation
The Meritorious Unit Citation comprises an award of a Certificate of Citation to a unit signed by the Governor-General and insignia of the Citation worn by members of the unit.
Insignia Design
The insignia of the Citation is a rhodium plated sterling silver rectangular frame 32 millimetres wide and 15 millimetres deep surrounding a ribbon bar of old gold 28 millimetres wide and 10 millimetres deep with a design of flames emanating from the frame's outer edges to the centre.
A rhodium plated sterling silver Federation Star 7 millimetres in diameter is placed at the centre of the ribbon bar in accordance with paragraph 9.1.
Entitlement to wear insignia
When a unit is awarded a Citation, each person who was a member of the unit at the time of the action for which a Citation is awarded, or during the period to which the Citation relates, is entitled to wear the Federation Star.
The insignia of the Citation and Federation Star may be worn by those members mentioned in paragraph 9.1 whenever full-size orders, decorations and medals are worn.
A person who joins the unit after the time for which a Citation has been awarded may be entitled, while the person remains a member of the unit, to wear the insignia of the Citation without the Federation Star according to the relevant Service dress regulations.
Wearing of insignia dress
The Chief of Staff or the delegate of the Chief of Staff of each arm of the Defence Force may determine eligibility to wear the insignia of the Citation and its manner of wearing in accordance with: 
(a) the custom of wearing on the left breast honours and awards instituted by
The Soveriegn; and
(b) the relevant Service dress regulations.
Insignia miniature
11.1 The insignia miniature is a two-thirds size replica of the insignia of the Citation surrounding a miniature ribbon bar 18 millimetres wide.
The miniature is worn in accordance with the appropriate Service dress regulations whenever miniatures of orders, decorations and medals are worn.
Further awards
Second and subsequent awards are recognised by the presentation of a further Certificate of Citation to the unit signed by the Governor-General.
12.2 Only one insignia of the Citation may be worn by a member.